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Salt in the Sea

waves of surging emptiness lift and heave me
dire distress and troublesomeness aggrieve me
when unmerciful kismet decrees you must leave me

when we're far apart in every minute
I become exceedingly vexed
maybe I am just oversexed
but I really do miss you, really do miss you
in your absence I'm morbid and mopey
at a loss for what to do next
waiting for a phone or a text
or a pigeon to come through
I'm a sack of emptiness without you
spend each second wondering about you
if I'm lying, there isn't salt in the sea

when there is the slightest separation
I become a manic morose
dreamy-eyed and near-comatose
with this longing to see you, this longing to see you
while I wait and crave communication
message me with something verbose
anything that will bring you close
and relieve what I'm feeling
with you gone I'm drowning in depression
victim of an obvious obsession
if I'm lying, there isn't any salt in the sea

in my dreams I keep you here while I weep
every tear I shed like a diamond or dew
every day I find you are here in my mind
I turn in my head every thought toward you

I am just a mess with lacklustreness
more than I can say when you are not near me
as I heave a sigh, unremittingly I
wish and hope and pray that the gods will hear me

I endure duress and mental anguish
every moment that we're apart
heaviness is here in my heart
and I find I'm not feeling
and my body pines something atrocious
if I'm lying, there isn't any salt in the sea

all these things I've said are fallacious and faulty
and entirely untrue - if the sea is unsalty


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