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Grey Day Blues

well you yawn and you turn and you're hearing the sound of rain
in the blustery wind being battered against the pane
and then you open your eyes
another nasty surprise
and nothing special today
it's all decidedly grey
and you got nothing ahead but monotonous grey day blues

well you swill out your face to the sound of the time ticktock
and you pull on your clothes as you're fighting against the clock
it's only Monday you know
there's still a whole week to go
your daily job is a chore
an unbelievable bore
but you don't have any choice but to suffer the grey day blues

you got to trawl into and crawl into work
and do the bidding of the manager master
the kind of work that makes you brain-dead berserk
all day through

they got a chart and you are part of the plan
they want to slow your pay and make you work faster
they want to screw you for as much as they can
and they do

repeated visits to the coffee-machine
to break the day and stop you dying of boredom
a comfort-break about eleven fifteen
time goes slow

and you go wasting time just dreaming about
the kind of things you want but you can't afford'em
the kind of things you'll never buy not without
lots of dough

well the afternoon crawls/drags and it's driving you round the bend
you keep asking yourself will this prison-term ever end
it's all a bore and a bane
it's just repetitive strain
and then you check and you see
it's only quarter to three
you got to find a new way to keep fighting the grey day blues


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