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My Dream's Come True

I dream that I am in a rainbow coruscation
with every colour and some more

new tints and hues beyond my wild imagination
like I have never seen before

and in the midst of this phenomenon of magic
I look round and there are you
and then my dream's come true

can it really be so ? is it not counterglow ?
has this vision been sent to me ?

and this heavenly fate ? to be matched with a mate ?
can this really be ?

this is what happens to me
every dream I dream, it is always the same
every dream I dream, there is always one name
and the name I dream about is you

and in this dream of living, breathing Unitopia
a land where miracles exist

magical hazes like in blurry presbyopia
shroud everything with magic mist

then with a wish for everything that I could ask for
I look round and there are you
and then my dream's come true

holding you in a hug works on me like a drug
an apothecary dispenses

is this miracle true ? is it credible too ?
can I trust in my head and senses ?

or believe in my eyes ? that they don't fantasise ?
let me fondle you, touch and feel

let me give you embrace, let me look in your face
reassuring myself that you really are ...real


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