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We Were Lovers Again

sometimes in the night lying huddled and curled
the course of my dreams comes alive and beyond my controlling
we both there exist in a world in which we are lovers again

the pictures are vivid, sensations are real
reality does not step in to remove the deception
or take from the joy that I feel
the ecstasy there in the depth of my heart
because we are lovers again

everything as it was, time is adjourned
only the present where love that was lost is returned

I tell myself this is not self-deceiving
you really are there, I've no need to pretend
and for our love I am truly believing
this time there will not be an end

once again I am convinced that here in my arms I hold you
living in a paradise in which one constant dream has come true

there is no illusion, there is no mistake
I truly believe that I never am destined to lose you
and then in cruel morning I wake
from dreams I then know were completely untrue
in which we were lovers again


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