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Shooting Star

mellow glow starbeams and lunar rays
floating soft focus in nocturnal haze
marshmallow glisters and wafting veils
and dreamy lines of burnished silver trails

wispy reflections in glowing mist
and rolling vapours by the moonlight kissed
nebula feathers and misty plume
all gently tumbling on a bed of brume

emerging feelings rising from beclouded night
unanswered question why is my heart so in flight ?
in mystery opaque unite cascading light, wonderous white illumination

my heart beseeching bid approach and welcome here
my head entreating let the meaning now be clear
let all the secrets now appear
in presence near, shimmering sheer, sweet revelation

your image rising from deep within
where hopes and dreams and fantasies begin
the wish to know you and all you are
and overhead I see a shooting-star...


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