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Please Reconsider

with heated words, challenging and cruel
accusations cross, ultimatums fly
I turn around, suddenly I see
you are in the hall ready for goodbye

I see, you're leaving - but wait one moment
give me a chance to tell you some things I've never said to you
I know I've made a mess of loving you

please reconsider, just wait one second,
put down the suitcase, turn and then look directly in my eyes
I've got some things I need to say to you

I can't believe it's come to this, this blatant move has brought me to my senses
there's suddenly so little time
to fight against the fact that I'm the fool about to lose you

I'm on the ropes now, in desperation,
I'm fighting for my life here, my darling, this has all occurred
so fast and all too suddenly
and there is so little time to say what you mean to me

I've been a fool to myself in such a way defying comprehension
it's only now I realise
it's taken teardrops in my eyes to know how much you matter

give me some time now to piece together
the most important phrases that I shall ever say to you
I need to choose them carefully
because the love in my words must make you stay with me


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