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Your Name on the Wind

the restless and searching winds
cavort and explore and spiral around
and questingly surge then descend to the ground
then they briskly rise and plummet and plunge
and tumble and churn and wander away and as swiftly return
then in a ring they spectacularly swish and swirl
they kiss and cling, then tempestuously they unfurl
they dart and they dash and blow
igniting a spark somewhere in the air
and fanning a flame breezes whisper your name

the zephyrs rotate and roll
and slither and slide and wriggle and waft
they bluster and bounce as they float and they flounce
then they circulate, meander and weave and flutter and soar
and skirt the skyline and they wrap and entwine
in ecstasy veering ever upwards through the sky
and then to me voices speaking in a hushened sigh
the breezes aloft rejoice
make merry and dance and murmur of love
and soft in my ear, it's your name I can hear


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