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Don't Ever Fall in Love

don't be deceived that it's sugar and spice
don't be deceived now, just heed my advice

maybe you're young and full of dreams and still na?ve
maybe cruel fate has not yet crushed what you believe
maybe you've not yet seen reality deceive
don't ever fall in love !

hop on a plane and fly to dreams up in the skies
travel the world and see it all, but if you're wise
keep well away from all the pain, the hurt, the lies
don't ever fall in love !

love's an emotion that consumes
beyond control, beset with doubt
it's an unnecessary burden that your life can do without

heed the warning

I fell in love not knowing I was just insane
I simply let my heart ignore my wary brain
listen to words of one who's been through all the pain
don't ever fall in love !

some believe that love's the key that makes the poets sing
I tell you now, believe you me, there ain't not no such thing

heaven knows why fools rush in where angels fear to tread
but when you get that broken heart reflect on what I've said

don't go believing dreams come true just like a child
don't let yourself be so bemused and so beguiled
don't let those dreams inside your heart go running wild
don't ever fall in love

heed the warning

love is a thing that leaves you worn and bleary eyed
love is a thing that leaves you torn and warped inside
better by far to be refused, to be denied
don't ever fall
don't ever fall
don't ever fall in love - it ain't worth it


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