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New to Love

I've not been here before, standing right at love's door
trembling with much trepidation
it's such a first-time shock, I hesitate to knock
I fear to step inside

I tell my senses to take hold and be bold in crossing the threshold
but I'm too pensive, on the defensive
I beg you please forbear, this willingness to share is such a novelty
for someone new to love like me

given the time I could climb me a mountain
and just given the time, I could swim me a sea
cos being in love's sure a popular notion
and I just need time to apply it to me

I'm just not used to the caring, the sharing, I need some preparing
my heart is wary, I find it scary

can you see in my eyes ? look, and you'll realise how daunting it can be
for someone new to love like me

given the time I could master affection
and given the time, who knows how good I'd be ?
cos being in love is a matter of trusting
and I'll get the hang eventually

I don't know what to say, I need to find my way
if I am slow, please do bear with me
though I'm confused by love, I could get used to love, so hang on patiently
for someone new to love like me


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