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Love Can Wait

I once believed there was plenty of time
for oceans to wander, mountains to climb
thousands of beautiful places to see
and just reconnoitre unhurriedly

places were mine so I thought by the score
to burrow and delve in, roam and explore
in my pursuits it was a never a case
of lingering long in one special place

as for destiny, I left that to fate
and I persuaded myself that love can wait

I thought the time could best be spent
alone without accompaniment
and I devoted all my ploys
to finding fun in solitary joys

caring was no necessity
sharing experience not for me
and the romance of lives combined
the thing the farthest from my mind

I resolutely wouldn't withhold
from chasing adventures, new ones for old
I kept a single pathway in view
deeming that there was no need for two

and I negligently left it too late
so I deluded myself that love can wait
love can wait, love can wait . . .


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