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Marriage Vow - "I will love you forever"

this marriage vow I make to you
ever to be someone loving and faithful and true
and to be there wherever you need me

over the days, over the years
whether our lives be destined for laughter or tears
I will be there whenever you need me

I recognise here in this vow all its richness of meaning and all it conveys
for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, I will love and support you always

one love for life sworn and begun
now in eternal embrace two hearts beating as one
pledging with love and commitment
life together

I always will wear on my finger in token of love this eternal gold ring
I solemnly swear my devotion to you, and to share in all ways everything

now with these words as we both stand
here at the altar of love we are joined hand in hand
and I do vow beyond all endeavour
to honour in life, to worship in bed
solemnly now with these words I thee wed:
I will love you forever


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