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the only way to dance the samba is in the crystal clear moonlight
when breezes tropical will whisper "there's something magical tonight"
dance in a garden by a sea-shore and feel the warmness in the breeze
wafting intoxicating fragrance of coconut and lemon trees

silvery moonbeams on all the leaves of spreading palms
sway in time with you there with your baby in your arms
and as you cling to each other tight
you feel the samba, the gentle rhythm of the night

the lilting rhythm of the samba can gently sink into your skin
and take you to those secret places your dancing heart has never been
just hear the music of the ocean and dancing waves along the shore
and suddenly you'll let your heart dance the way it's never danced before

enchanting music will make its way into your heart
and when you follow that's when the dance of love can start
romancing under those stars above
when you dance samba, that's when you dance the dance of love

when you dance samba, samba, samba !


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