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To Be Specific

judging how I feel these days this is not a passing phase
disregarding makes no sense this is something too intense
basically my mind's obsessed with a thought I can't contest
when I stop to think I find only one thing comes to mind

all these dreams I've had of you I've decided must come true
these pure flights of fantasy must become reality
frankly now I have to say speaking in a candid way
the suggestion has to be me for you and you for me

with no ifs or buts let me make it now
absolutely clear I want you and how
my proposal here for togetherness
is a thing that I cannot overstress

I could open a pot of paint happily and with no restraint
and in letters as big as oaks write I love you in broad brushstrokes

so in total and in sum finally it has become
clear to me that you inspire sexual thoughts and strong desire
with a regularity there in crystal clarity
destiny made me decide you belong here by my side

without any doubt, incontestably
as regards my id, it wants you for me
call it libido, call it wanderlust
I am being impelled by its force and thrust

fate has left no choice for me, I must follow destiny
here and now I do opine I've an urge to make you mine
I will be mind-blastingly your friend everlastingly
from the outside to the core yours alone forevermore

to be specific - I want to be the one that you love


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