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Every Dream I Dream

in every dream I dream I see a moon
whose silverness surpasses all moons before it
it hovers in those heavens high above
as if it were there shining just for me

in every dream I dream I hear a tune
its melody surrounds me and I adore it
a choir of angels sings in praise of love
and utters sounds of gentlest purity

everything I see presents itself with warm clarity
nothing obfuscates or mars the view
astral constellations all reveal themselves there to me
in a lyrical presentation of a miracle revelation

in every dream I dream a star-filled sky
is sparkling brighter than stars have ever done so
I look around at everywhere and I
believe I know the reason why they do

in my dream of paradise, of total felicity
not one thing is wrong or out of place
all sensations feel enhanced with new perceptivity
far exceeding all expectations and the wildest imaginations

in every dream I dream I ecstasize
with every wish fulfilled and with nothing wanting
I float in seventh heaven knowing why

sheer exquisiteness taking hold of me
joy encircling then enfolding me
and all around perfection has come true

for there in every dream I dream is You


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