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Get The Feeling

get the feeling, breathe the ambience, let it in your soul
let it take charge, let it commandeer, let it take control
drop resistance, let it circulate, let it reel and roll

get the feeling, let it ooze and flow, let it permeate,
let it sink through all the crevices, let it infiltrate
let it seep down, let it overflow, let it inundate

get the feeling, let it trickle down, let it percolate
let it gather and intensify, let it concentrate
get the essence, get the elixir, get the distillate

get the feeling flowing over you, let it effervesce
get it bubbling, get it sparkling, let it luminesce
let it glimmer, let it radiate, let it incandesce

let it drown and drench and saturate your sentience
let it simmer, stand and steep
let it waterfall in showers gushing over you
let it soak in way down deep

let it drift around and wander through the firmament
let it circumnavigate
let it give a frisson, get you all a tingling
let it all reverberate

get the feeling, let it gallivant, let it hide and seek
(just agree to the admission)
let it echo, let it resonate, let it croak and creak
(volunteer and grant permission)
let it holler and vociferate, let it shrill and shriek

get the feeling, let it elevate, let it lift and rise
(acquiesce to perpetration)
let it float up then encompass you, let it magnetize
(and permit the penetration)
let it climb up through the atmosphere, let it touch the skies


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