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Why Should I Try To Deny ?


you look me straight in the eye and ask me to tell the truth and answer directly
well, if you think that I'm shy I must remonstrate that you assume incorrectly
you think my face will turn red and I will go shyly crawling under a carpet ?
why should I hide in my head my love for you ?

was it a moment ago you asked me to give to you responses revealing
secrets inside my head, and answers true
why in the world would I not disclose just how I feel for you ? heaven knows
why should I try to deny my feelings for you ?

why should I want to suppress something so strong and intense
really that wouldn't make sense

why should I try to disguise I love to look in your eyes ?
why should I blankety-blank and not be perfectly frank ?
why would I not lift the cloak 'n be forthrightly outspoken
in expressing my feelings for you ?

why should I need to be coy ?
why should I wish to restrain passionate joy in my brain ?

I want to spill it all out, I want to shriek it and shout
I want to bellow and yell, I want to bang on the bell
I want a public address set at full blast to express
that simply being with you turns me on

why should I baulk and recoil at giving full vent to all my honest emotions ?
these are things I say one should not subdue
why should I not open-handedly
tell you I love you quite candidly ?
why should I want to deny my feelings for you ?
why should I want to deny my feelings for you ?


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