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Don't Ever Stop Me Loving You

my eyes delight as they embrace the countenance upon your face
your face that lives inside my heart and leads the way to paradise

the feeling that is welcome warm to gaze upon your shape, your form
your form that's moulded to perfection that could not be more precise

eyes that behold you attentively nothing but beautifulness do see

and when you speak, my ears rejoice as pleasingness comes from your voice
your voice that leads a choir of angels in celestial harmony

a sacred invitation, a cradle lifting me

your captivating looks beguile, the pursing of your lips, your smile
your smile that every time I kiss I really can't believe is mine

I am in answer to my prayer transported to that place somewhere
somewhere that only can be known as transcendental and divine

just as the strength of the sun becalms so is my heart with you in my arms

I touch your cheek and hold your hand, and I am led into a land
a land where all the waters flow, and all the rivers run with you

I taste your lips and mouth and I in gentle wonder heave a sigh
a sigh that simply can't believe I really am as one with you

conjoined in single union, and drifting in a dream

intensity with you is such that when my body feels your touch
your touch my senses all believe is leading me through heaven's gate

don't ever stop me loving you


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