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Don't Forget

memories containing precious moments wearily weather with time
beware they run the risk of being lost to the past
if you let them go from your heart
you might not retrieve them again
don't let the past become regret
don't forget

please remember clearly how I loved you with my life passionately
and lest the memories begin to flicker and fade
please retain them all in your mind
please remember every detail
from the first moment that we met
don't forget

do not forget just what you were to me
do not forget for all eternity
the feeling dreams came true
when I made love to you
you once felt that way too

do not forget things once your eyes could see
do not forget they once saw love for me
as mine saw love for you
and even now still do
and will my whole life through

you might start eventually believing what once was did not exist
this heart that loved you so was never broken in two
and drowned in inconsolable tears
this heart that still cannot understand
how hard, how hard I've tried and yet
don't forget


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