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Mister Moon and Me

I keep on looking for that daylight, somewhere where that sun gives clarity
where there is exactitude and delineation, till then it's Mister Moon and me

a far horizon, a golden sunball, that's something that shines elusively
it dangles evasively, but some day I'll find it, till then it's Mister Moon and me

I travel on under soft starlight, not knowing where my future or horizon lies
and follow stars all through the solitary night that guide me to my next sunrise

I look for the signs and wish on a wing and a prayer, someday where they lead will set me free
and take me to brighter days and out of the darkness, till then it's Mister Moon and me

I drift along, the stars escort me, their silver light-trails indicate and lead the way
they galvanize me and support me, assuring me that all's okay

I wander the nighttime constantly hoping one day I will find lucidity
where everything's bathed bright with illumination till then it's Mister Moon and me


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