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I was hoping I'd see you here tonight
and now you've come right through the door
and you've settled in your usual position
would you believe straight opposite me
and you're wearing that pretty thing again
suits you oh yeah

I must admit it's not really that much of a coincidence
you see, I've had my eye on you for some time

the way you turn your head is attractive
the way you lick your lips
the way you raise your brow
the way you turn a smile

the way you grin and laugh
the way you chub your cheeks
the way you move your mouth
the way you fill your clothes

the way you use your eyes
the way you just exist

the colour of your eyes
the texture of your hair
the wiggle of your nose
the way you're sitting there

the timbre of your voice
the very way you smell

a vision of seductive loveliness
I think you're
the prettiest sexiest most attractive person I've ever seen

well, tonight's the night, it's now or never
I'm going to introduce myself to you
somehow I feel that you're the one, so I'm not going to get it wrong
I want to know you
so here goes . . .


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