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Vsyegda Tyebya Lyooblyoo

what's a verb, what's a noun ? I should have studied grammar
I didn't bother myself with linguistics
present tense, future tense, imperfect and subjunctive
they all just leave me tense with confusion

when I'm told I have to learn how some nouns decline
I myself decline cos it causes me confusion

your yazeek's very strange, but I've a big incentive
I find your language hard, but I know that I love you
so I don't know the rules it's true
but these three words I've learnt for you -
so one big breath and here goes : vsyegda tyebya lyooblyoo

in world made with endings on adjectives and negatives in a knot
I tell you just what I've got - not a clue
with the nouns and the verbs and the adjectives you stick something on the end
there just seems to be no end; it's all beyond comprehension...



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