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I Didn't Mean It

I didn't mean it, please believe me now, I wasn't thinking
I was stupid and I can't imagine how such a thing occurred
me and my great big mouth can't control themselves, saying some nasty things
meant to lash at you, with all those things I said - I didn't mean a word

I've got no self-control and I fly off the handle too easily
I go losing the plot automatically, never thinking first
I'm irresponsible and react to things far too impulsively
and I jump to conclusions too rapidly, I always think the worst

too much distrust with words unjust
then tongues lash out with barbs and stings
after the fight, later, contrite
I said some terrible things

over the brink, don't stop, don't think
acting just like someone insane
then frown, then fret, remorse, regret
I've got an idiot brain

tell me what's needed now just to show you I'm sorry for what I said
I'll move heaven and earth to convince you now, right here on my knees
give me another chance, let me try and I will make it up to you
let me take back the cruel, stupid things I said, and forgive me please

I didn't mean it, babe...


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