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!!! The Dracula Waltz !!!

Count Frankenstein and his monster
bolted half-human hybrid
titter as fingernails screech from
a slow sliding stone coffin lid
all the ghouls and the spectres now vault from the vaults
and they're doing the Dracula waltz

caterwaul cries and and owls hooting
clatters and clunkings and clinks
sound as a vampire with green eyes
proffers a tray serving drinks
an amalgam of tea and potassium salts
and they're doing the Dracula waltz

bats in the belfry and werewolves
howling and growling at the moon
meanwhile the funeral organ
eerily vamps out a tune

cold crematorium creatures
creepily crawl from the crypt
decked out in body-snatched garments
faded and shredded and ripped
and to the light of the lightning of one billion volts
they're all dancing the Dracula waltz

and from the candle-lit ceiling
spiders come sliding down the thread
bloodsuckingly they come creeping
looking tonight to be fed

red silk lined capes slowly swirling
phantoms all flourishing fangs
in mist a mummy in bandage
lugging a chain as it clangs
and they jerk in gyrations and jostles and jolts
as they're doing the Dracula ...

in the vernacular
aint it spectacular
truly tentacular
doing the Dracula waltz


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