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Alors Je t'aime

tonight you'll like it when we make love because I'll speak in French
baby your thirst for words Gallic is a need I'm going to quench

I've been learning beaucoup de vocubulaire
the way you'll hear me say a foreign phrase
it will amaze

ch?ri-e, let moi maintenant embrasser vous et really hold you tight
quand m?me
and when the time is right
whisper je t'aime

let's love linguistically
make the evening go
with a good bon mot

tonight with vous and me
plotting just one plan
till the lendemain

you've yet to hear me say
in a foreign tongue
that the night is young
you will be enchant?-e
when I take control
with a bonne parole

je suis le lait dans une tasse de caf? et dessus vous ?tes
la cr?me

tonight je veux parler
you will hear me say
si vous ?coutez
alors je t'aime


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