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I'm In Love Again

what am I supposed to do ?
you'd think that I'd apply some common-sense now
given there are options for me to choose

judging from experience
you would have thought that I'd have learnt my lesson
every time I've suffered another bruise

love is far too hard and complicated
you don't know just how I'm situated
I might seem to you infatuated... but

I look for that needle in a haystack
find it, then the pieces of my heart crack
blindly swear that I will never come back
then return, never learn

I should take control of my emotions
go and drown them in the seven oceans
staunch and stem these troublesome commotions... yes

I should take these physical afflictions
plus these psychological addictions
and resolve this mass of contradictions
but I don't or I won't

every time it's just the same
blasts from the past just shouldn't be repeated
I know I should walk away and say Amen
but I forget and then I'm in love again


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