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Again Again

somehow when you are not there life is dullsome affair
drearisome days are too long and somehow everything's wrong
somehow when you are not here everything's blurred and unclear
and in an empty space I find no resting place

nothing goes round in my head, everything's totally dead
stupid and pallid and pale, sterile, insipid and stale
that's just the way that it was
till you found me, and then joy came to my life again

woeful and windswept and tossed, I am wanderer lost
no destination or home, fated to aimlessly roam
in an inanimate state flatly bemoaning my fate
that's how I seem to be when you're not here with me

but somehow whenever you're here bleakness and blues disappear
everything seems to be right, stars re-appear in the night
and when you tenderly give of your loving, that's when
joy comes to my life, joy comes to my life again


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