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Am I Falling In Love With You ?

in the middle of nothing particular
your face floated into my mind
we've met a couple of times
I couldn't say that I know you well

and yet on several occasions
your face comes into view
I can't determine the reason
but I think it might be you

I'm surprised at myself for discovering
how intriguingly you return
your picture somehow just comes
am I subconsciously wanting you ?

you linger here in every moment
I must confess it's true
and if I ponder the reason
I must be attracted to you

and I just can't help myself
yes I want to think of you
no I just can't help myself
and I start to realise you're something special to me

now again and again I return to look
at the picture I have of you
and I don't want it to go
I want it there in my fantasy

my eager heart can't wait to see you
it's come to realise
it just can't wait to be near you
and to look into your eyes
and I finally ask myself

am I falling in love with You ?


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