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Fantasy Flier

(lyrics by Andy Bretell sung by Sara Molinari)

fantasy flier
I couldn't call you a liar
ah but you take fools like me tripping on fantasy
and when their feet hit the ground sometimes you just aint around

ooh, ooh,
you dreamer you

fantasy flier,
can't let you take me much higher

because we've had so much fun but when your wings near the sun
they're gonna melt and we'll fall don't wanna get hurt and that's all

ooh ooh
you dreamer you

fantasy flier, fantasy flier

you're casting your spell and your eyes seem to tell me believe it
if I do what you say it's because of the way that you weave it

fantasy flier , fantasy flier...
fantasy flier
you have rekindled my fire

you make me truly alive but boy I need to survive
so take me on one more flight and make it all true tonight

ooh ooh
you dreamer you

fantasy flier,fantasy flier...
crazy wild truth defier
mad daydream magnifier
you flat fact falsifier
you bored brain stupefier
fairy tale gratifier
magic myth multiplier

fantasy flier !


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