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Let's Give Our Love A Chance


why should we leave love freezing thirty degrees below ?
let's maximise the temperature rise, let's give our love a go

why see this moment squandered ? why let this chance pass by ?
let's not give in, this time we could win, let's give our love a try

once in a person's lifetime challenges must be faced
now it is clear the moment's here, we mustn't let it go to waste

let's walk the path together where we can find romance
let's not ignore this chance to explore, let's give our love a chance

this opportunity we take might well succeed and might be
just what we need to make this break lucky for you, lucky for me

let us in gay abandon throw caution to the wind
let us determine to be firm in actions we will not rescind

let's take a flight to heaven, and reap the full rewards
fear for the fall, but go for it all, let's leap and pull the cords

why pause in hesitation where angels fear to tread ?
no time to save, let's both be brave and lose our heart and lose our head

let's hop the final hurdle, vault off that board and dive
hurtle and lunge and go for the plunge
let's bring our love alive

let's look at love directly, no need for glance askance
not coy or shy but straight in the eye
let's give our love a chance

let's give our love a chance !


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