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Nine - Eleven

on 9-11-2001 a man equating his God with a gun
committed purely from arrogant pride an act of evil intention
plotting, conniving, scheming, contriving, seizing and downing a plane like an innocent pigeon
claiming that he was morally right simply because it was done in the name of religion

devoid of any humanity and driven by sheer insanity
he arrogated unto himself the role of chief executioner
pontificating, annunciating his right to sacrifice people as if they were his lamb
pouring contempt on all that is good with actions that brazenly spit on the faith that is Islam

what egotistical and erroneous train of thought would conspire to impart and instil
a sense of murderous pride that teaches that it is a moral injunction to maim and to kill ?
that shedding innocent blood in murderous televised gestures is part of God's plan and God's will ?
it smacks of one who suffers from acute messianic mental disorder

what kind of misshapen mind would seek to inflict a rain of unparalleled death and decease ?
what kind of pitiful brain would ever legitimize murder as being a means of release ?
what warped maniacal fiend would seek to distort and to defecate on a religion of peace ?
I picture him and truly feel that we are in the presence of evil

he's doused his world with acidic rain, and left a permanent blood-red stain
on peaceful people who disagree, he thinks he is speaking for Allah,
self-righteously he'd be happy to see the forces of bigoted Middle-Age darkness advancing
wickedness marks the smirk on his face exuding the poisonous smell of a devil a dancing


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