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Who Can Say What Love Is ?

who can say what love is ?
who can say for sure just what love is for ?
it seems somehow pre-ordained to stay forever unexplained
who can say why when love takes a hold
we colour the sky with silver and gold
what makes us such susceptible victims ?

who knows why love hurts us ?
what has love to gain when it causes pain ?
it's so hard to comprehend why love breaks hearts that cannot mend
sometimes, I swear, love really appears
to stop and to stare and gloat at the tears
and revel in hurting - that's how it seems that love is

why does love smile as if it really wants you to self-deceive
and build yourself a cosy world of fiction and make-believe
when all the while it knows that fools should never believe in dreams ?

why does love deceive us
with each poisoned kiss ? let me tell you this -
you don't know what love can do until it breaks your heart in two
why does it offer tender embrace
then leave you within the loneliest place ?
I ask once more now, who can explain what love is ?

I ask once more now, who can explain what love is ?


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