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Love Is Just A Stupid Word

the moon's a dirty-silver object
a monstrous, grotesque interplanetary ball
that doesn't offer anything at all

those stars above are irritating
all they emit's a rankling and abrasive light
that candidly does nothing for the night

as for the sky, it's like tatty, worn wallpaper
that's washed with a sick, repellant blue

those heaven-held repugnant features
all only serve to cloud the senses and annoy
they aggravate, exasperate and cloy

just like a kettle inside needs to be decalcified
elements of my heart must be defurred
and love is just a stupid word

sound that I hear by rivers that run foul waters
is dissonant din from birds in trees

as for the time, I'd rather spend it
somewhere where I'm completely safe and left alone
in splendid isolation on my own

ripping for hours and hours petals from filthy, dead flowers
wishing the recent past had not occurred
and love is just a stupid word


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