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Stop Me

fatal attraction draws me to you arousing my most basic urge
I find in your presence despite all I do, my desires and my longings surge
I must face the truth now, you're outside my universe, outside my league
I must face the facts, you're beyond my reach, as far as winter-peach
I know that if I tried I wouldn't stand a chance

stop me ...

come to acceptance, that's how things are, the self-tormenting words repeat
prevent aspiration from going too far, and calmly lie down and accept defeat
resignation - that's the course that simple common-sense dictates
keep that in your mind and you will see it through, give no credence to
the naive notion that you ever could be mine

stop me from thinking that foolish dreams can come true
stop me from chasing a dream I must not pursue
stop me from wanting you, stop me from needing you
stop me from thinking that I could ever have you
dreams, do not deceive, don't let me believe

I make every effort to blanket the pain, to hide it in my secret niche
but feelings so strong are so hard to restrain, and I'm scared I'll let them off the leash
it's so hard, though, losing concentration I might just forget
one lapse in attention and I'm on the brink of what I mustn't think
of the preposterous: to hold the slightest hope that you might care

stop me ...
stop me ...


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