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Magical Flight

all of my life I've been waiting for someone
to clasp in my hands and fly with me to the moon
someone who would take the chance of placing everything on a mystery flight
and float with me into the night like a balloon

and in the heavens above we could pluck constellations
to polish and buff to bring out their inner shine
we could hang a thread between the planetary orbits of Venus and Mars
and we could be dangling stars out on a line

and with that thread between our fingers and our thumbs
and a delicate flick of the wrist we'd with a twist make them spin
we'd send out flickering reflections of the moon
in a cascade of silvery beams, in which our dreams begin - yeah

and we will find ourselves examining the stars
and be both with one question engrossed - which is the most dreamyish ?
and when we light upon the one we know is right
we will linger wherever we are and on that star make a wish - that

our magic flight will be lasting forever
and our starry dream be destined to never end
and as we both ride upon the beams of loving starlight
and as we immerse ourselves in the whole universe gently we'll fly

and also sometimes we'll stop at the end of a rainbow
to gather stardust to sprinkle somewhere anew
filling up the sky with light in pictures we'll be painting of heaven's delight
and all on that magical flight I share with you


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