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Moy Papa

I sing now this song for moy papa, sing it as best as I can
oh this simple love-song for moy papa, he really was a good man
oh it's easy to say in every way that he really had a good heart
I remember moy papa clearly as a loving man, moy papa

and when I remember moy papa something inside my heart cries
for when I sing this song for moy papa tears well up here in my eyes
oh an angel on guard who worked very hard to see that no harm befell me
when I think of moy papa only gentleness I see, moy papa

papa, everywhere as a guide you were there at my side you would support me
papa, what in words can I say to thank you for the way that you looked after me

I smile as I picture moy papa, vividly here in my mind
oh I smile to remember moy papa, how in his face he was kind
yes, he watched out for me intelligently, was easy but yet he was firm
yes, I love you, moy papa, you did everything for me, moy papa


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