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Funny How It All Just Worked Out

funny how it all just worked out
you and I are doing fine
funny how it all just came right
everything just fell into line

in a balloon romantically
we took off the ground and we
pretty soon were floating and fly'n'

funny how it all just worked out
we perfected polish and shine
on our windows
everything just worked out fine

was it by sheer fluke or maybe a spook
we met each other and we thought it was swell ?
through fatalism, or magnetism
we got together and we started to gel

one of those rare things, we found we share things
much more than anyone might ever suppose
no further movement could make improvement
because we both right now could not be more close

funny how it turned out just so
like a lucky zodiac sign
funny how my wishes came true
you became my Valentine

you and I, I'm glad to say
are getting better every day
like maturing bottles of wine

funny how it all just worked out
gonna write your name and mine
in a love-heart
you and I are are doing just fine
that's the truth now
you and I just work out fine


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