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It's Getting Cold

the summer sun has been burning bright but there's no warmth in this weaker light
the lack of heat in this chilly spell necessitates that we wrap up well
for many months how a strong sun shone but now the warm days are gone
a winter clime has taken hold - it's getting cold

we used to swim in an outdoor pool but now the water is much too cool
from wearing sandals and rolling sleeves our boots are kicking autumnal leaves
we used to fry in the heart of town but now the temperature's down
it's no surprise, it was foretold - it's getting cold

this time of year natural refrigeration bites on your ear
and a cherry blossoms on your nose and there are ten more on your toes because a wintery wind blows

summer was grand, estival magnificence festooned all the land
now approaching winter shows no trace and central heating takes the place of ultra-violet on your face

because the winter brings snow and ice we tend to treat it as not too nice
in fact the previous years have shown it's got a beauty that's all its own
I don't know why its arrival shocks when I have to wear thicker socks
the year was young and now it's old - it's getting cold
a winter clime has taken hold - it's getting cold



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