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Why Don't You Call Me ?

if you're getting tired of playing solitaire
even when you're winning you should have someone there to advise you
so why don't you call me ?

modern apparatus still might blow a fuse
open up the plug and baby then if you choose to re-wire it
well, why don't you call me ?

well now you just might turn your tv on
to find your picture's almost gone
what you'll need is someone there
to effect a swift repair

when you're in the kitchen mopping up the floor
you just give the word and I'll be there at your door with a cleaning brush
oh why don't you call me ?

if you're tired and you can't eat
I suggest that you should meet
someone whose sweet cooking might
satisfy your appetite

anytime you need a word of loving care
you don't have to worry, babe, i will be there with a helping hand
so why don't you call me ?

I will be there for you,
why don't you call me ?


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