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down in the southern hemisphere
there's twenty million people who do pretty good each day of the year
while drinking ice cold beer
I think you're the best

the natives tan to bronze and brown
and everybody likes to sun and barbecue right there in the town
where life is upside down
I think you're the best

they've got a dinkum building there
for playing Johann Strauss
go waltzing with Matilda there
in Sydney opera house

that southern sun, it likes to shine
and in the valleys they collect and bottle it in chukkin good wine
my darling Clementine
I think you're the best

they take their surfboards by the sands
and ride the waves to shore
they take the good life in their hands
and they make love not war

from east to west, from coast to coast,
koala bears, and kangaroos, and boomerangs, now ain't that the most ?
you're just like beans on toast
I think you're the best

I'm in love with Australia


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