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God Bless You

God bless the morning light that shines on you
with loving rays to show the way
when sun is shining down from way up high
may it envelop you with golden sunbeams
God bless the morning air in which you walk
and keep you safe and free from strife
and in that freshness may all things be crystal-clear
and show you good ways in life

God grant you wisdom and contentedness
in everything you choose to do
may full contentment be forever yours
and be the consequence of true endeavour
God give you happiness, and faithful friends
who give you comfort when you're sad
God give you wisdom to distinguish in your heart
between what's good and what's bad

when there are difficulties taunting you
may gentle sweet forbearance guide you through
when there is turbulence beneath your wings
God give you patience strong to rise above it

may what is beautiful and merciful
determine what is good to do
for any aim that you have set yourself
may it be principles that guide you to it
God give you inner-sense of right and wrong
that no adversities destroy
God place the fundaments of love within your head
and in your heart perfect joy

God give you fortitude to fight all ills
to master mountainsides, to climb all hills
God give you judgement to enjoy all things
and savour everything in moderation

God place humanity within your heart
to never lie or misconstrue
God give you understanding and humility
and, yes, above all, God bless you


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