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A Broken Heart

what happens when a disillusioned heart is shattered into pining pieces ?
what can effect repair, when all is lost, when nothing's there but painful emptiness ?
and for the wound and weal, what soothing balm can cure and heal ?
what physic can one give a consciousness that's lost the will to live ?

what magic curative can be prescribed to re-assemble all the fragments ?
what can alleviate the sense of being all too late and all without a hope ?
when faith and hope are killed what operations can rebuild
a life that only seems to be a wilderness of shattered dreams ?

if you know, for pity tell me now, tell me how a heart can be restored
what must it do to relive life anew and forget the fact that once it ever was broken, broken..?

it took the pieces of a broken heart to realise how much I loved you
the pieces form a shape, reminding me there's no escape, no way I can forget
tormenting feelings run through broken pieces, every one is where the heartaches start
so tell me, what can mend a broken heart ?


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