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In The Palm Of My Hand

in the morning of my life I believed naively
what was in my future could be left as unplanned
and my vision suffered from my distorted values
thinking everything was in the palm of my hand

in the twilight of my life, in the dusk of evening
finally too late in life I now understand
all my wasted years have led to the sad conclusion
everything indeed was in the palm of my hand

teardrops in my eyes
let me see and realise
at the end of my day
chances life opened to me I let slip away

I didn't think to plan ahead
I went where mere amusement led
not seeing it led me astray
I took to dreaming while I slept
from which awoken I accept
I made my mistakes, now I pay

for my wisdom tells me now all my wild endeavours
should have concentrated more on things that can give
a perspective making life more than mere existence
that endows a human with a reason to live

plans were there to devise
to have acted otherwise
tearfully I confess
mine is the fault that has led to my emptiness

I placed myself in presentness
and all immediate pleasantness
it's easy to live for the day
I let events just take their course
and they have led me to remorse
what else do I have left to say ?

for I somehow took my life in the wrong direction
hurriedly mistaking what would make it fulfilled
when presented with a mind and a choice before me
houses made of straw were what I'd chosen to build

where this foolishness led
now is clear through tears I shed
from this wilderness I
look back at my life now in sorriness wondering why

why, why, why ?


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