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You Really Had Me Fooled

you knew precisely how to take and break a heart
it's just as if you had it down to a fine art
where in the world had you been schooled ?
cos, boy oh boy, you really had me fooled

for you, to leave them dangling constitutes delight
to implement your plan you set me in your sight
it worked, you left me ridiculed
well, boy oh boy, you really had me fooled

the gullible have no wile or wit
you fool them first and make them believe
belatedly, I have to admit
appearances can serve to deceive

you take a heart and put a lid on
you juggle things and tell them to pick
you lift the lid and show them it's gone
like you've performed a magical trick

you scoured for tasty morsels, just to have your fill
found that next piece of steak, then slapped it on the grill
turned up the heat, then supercooled
well, boy oh boy, you really had me fooled


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