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I Never Knew How Love Could Be

love was an alien thing to me
a fearsome unknown entity
I never knew its propensity
to conquer and subdue

but when it stopped and blew its dart
I felt my cares and woes depart
and then what's more I felt in my heart
something I never I never knew

it never once occurred to me
how overwhelming love can be
I'm in a land of pure ecstasy
that's where it's led me to

and something else I must confess
my life began to effervesce
the moment I felt your soft caress
and felt my arms round you

there's electric in the air
I can sense it everywhere
now I've felt sweet love arrive
freely I confess until now I had not been one bit alive

I feel bubbling vive and verve
and I reel and sway and swerve
now I've sampled sexy sips
all I want's an endless supply of that sweet honey from those lips

and as I said hereinbefore
love has me smitten and what's more
it has me bitten right to the core
it's overtaken me

love is in full control today
it's taken hold and I must say
love's got me in the loveliest way
a lovely way can be

something I thought I never would know
but now at last I do
with you


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