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It's Easily Done

somebody has taken time to write to you to stay in touch, but heaven knows why
you produce a lame excuse you're busy and you really have no time to reply
time goes by, procrastination manifests itself in one of many techniques
minutes linger into hours, hours into days, and then the days into weeks
think about the message that sends, oh I could write a manual on how to lose friends
that's how the rot's begun, oh yes, it's easily done

that's how by one's own dumb volition, one falls for the sin of omission
delay is an option one chooses, and friends are the treasures one loses

yes, you're filled with good intentions, and you think you're organised and you've got it sussed
but you don't get round to things, you leave the letters on the table gathering dust
friendships that you do not make the effort to maintain evaporate into air
friends you thought that you knew well, you now no longer know because they're no longer there
when someone takes time out for you, postponing with a promise is the worst you can do
cos that's how the rot's begun, oh yes, it's easily done


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