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Down to Business

it's written in the contract, every single line
that I must manufacture everything I can that will thrill you
to energise and fulfil you
so now let me kiss you
let's start getting down to business

it's eloquently stated under section four
that I am obligated to drum you up a dream and excite you
with all the things that delight you
so cuddle up closer
let's start getting down to business

we've had preliminary walk-throughs
telephonic talk-throughs on this case
now let's renew negotiations
and associations face to face

well now, I simply have to say
examining the way the contract reads
I find I certainly intend to
lovingly attend to all your needs

my delivery says always get it right
I don't intend to stop until I get a perfect reaction
of your complete satisfaction
so melt in my arms now
let's start getting down to business


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