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Only Time Will Tell

I have to admit I'll have some time to wait
before I feel the pains abate
it might take a lifetime to forget
or somehow erase the fact that we had ever met

I can try somehow to push the thoughts away
until the memories don't stay
but it might take some time before I really do
forget how I loved you

I might banish them day by day
month by month, year by year
only then could I really say
if they will disappear

that I loved you so, it could be hard to rid
myself of knowing that I did
only time will tell if I am able to
dismiss how I loved you

let the memories in my mind
all dissolve into grey
only then will I really find
if they can fade away

how long will it take for this entire affair
to wane and be no longer there ?
how long for my heart to be completely free ?
who knows ? eternity ?
maybe eternity ?
with time alone I'll see


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