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It Is On TV

they've charged a doc in the tropic with manic corruption - there there
there's been a quite catastrophic volcanic eruption - somewhere
be right back after the break
see if you've scooped a sweepstake
now get those clothes as fragrant as they can be !
come and look, everyone, it is on tv

that woman bringing her Mom down, is having her nose up - neat op
that hoodie planting the bomb down, let's get him in close-up
tonight it's going to freeze
and while we're talking of cheese
just buy this first one cheap and the second is free !
come and look, everyone, it is on tv

for fifteen minutes' worth of fame
we'll pay if you bare your soul
and from within the house of shame
let's bleep the blooper so everything is super-duper

learn how to make your ab-pecs grow
we'll give your house a make-over
and from the sponsors of this show
'Morello cherry makes yogurt extra-ordinary'

phone if you think of a number between one and three now - think hard
learn how to cook a cucumber with this recipe - we'll show you how
has Rita been telling lies ?
to win a mystery prize
don't miss the next instalment at quarter to three !
come and look, everyone, it is on tv


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