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Vladivostok, West Pacific, where blue ocean meets vast land
on the South tip of a finger pointing from a Russian hand
in short your name means Eastern Rule
yeah, Vladivostok, you're just cool

over half a million people dreaming dreams like dreamers do
first they work hard, then they play hard making all those dreams come true
in that uniquely Russian way
yeah Vladivostok, you're okay

watching you smile your smile so discreetly
you beguile oh so sweetly
in a secret lifted veil way
only one thought of you and I'm yearning
and my heart is returning
on that Trans-Siberian Railway

longitude one three one point five E and
latitude forty-three point seven North of the Equator
there's a reviving vibe and a karma
in that plush panorama
from your Mount Refrigerator, yeah

Vladivostok, Eastern city, soft Cyrillic shining jewel
oh, I have seen the world, it's true,
but - Vladivostok, home is you . . .
yeah ! da !


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