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Dizzy Wizzy Woo

I get a little dizzy wizzy when I'm thinking of your kiss
I get vertiginous and spaced out too
and there's unsteadiness and reeling
thinking 'bout your body fills me with that feeling
I just get a little dizzy wizzy woo

when in your presence I succumb to the most strange light-headedness
I go all giddy like I've caught the flu
I feel a singular sensation
definitely not unlike inebriation
I just get a little dizzy wizzy woo

such concentration of excitation takes me to heaven on high
just like a looping plane making rings in the sky

I suffer disorientation when I know that you are near
like someone sniffing at a tube of glue
I feel a drain on my defences
overtake my brain and rob me of my senses
I just get a little dizzy wizzy woo

my swing is swinging, if I tried singing I think I'd hit the top note
somehow you blow me, just like a bubble I float

I get the craziest reaction as I tingle to your touch
I can't explain what I am going through
when as the moon is shining brightly
in each other's arms we squeeze each other tightly
I just get a little dizzy wizzy woo


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